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Lake Elsinore, CA
Every Saturday evening at 5pm, the Life Groups at Venture Christian Church show praise for our Lord and Christ our Savior, by serving a fulfilling dinner and sharing God's everlasting love. By spreading the word of the Gospels to God's children, we are blessed to plant seeds of faith! Join our email list by entering your email address above for current up-to-date information regarding the Dinner Ministry. This is a non-profit Ministry. To help serve with the ministry, please email

Attention Life Groups:

Attention Life Groups:

The Dinner Ministry kit should be returned to Venture Church each Sunday.

Life groups are encourage to take this opportunity to spread God's word by either a mini sermon, sharing their testimony, or by worship music. This is a wonderful way as Christians to praise His glory and show His love to others!

It is important to take certain precautions to help prevent the spreading of germs. Always serve the meals on a fresh a clean plate, even if our friends bring you their plate for refills. This will ensure the food is not contaminated by the serving utensils touching used plates. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer, please place the bottle near the drink jugs for our friends to use. If coffee is being served, please have our friends use stir straws instead of spoons. When serving, those who are handling the food are required to wear serving gloves. Another safe step is have those serving bring the plates to those eating, this also gives them the feeling of respect.

If your Life Group is unable to serve the committed weekend, please give the ministry 72 hours notice to find a replacement team, Thank you!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Support our Troops When They are Active and Return Home!

   After bravely placing their live on the line to serve and protect others, it's hard to leave combat behind at the enemy lines. When troops comes home with no visual wounds, that doesn't mean they come home unwounded.

     Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PTSD, haunts the soldier day in and day out.  A part of them will always be at the front lines, fighting a war that they are no longer physically present at. A solider can still see, smell , and taste the combat zone once they return home for the rest of their life. PTSD gravely effects their home life, if not treated. Growing up as a daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I thought all daddies duck and take cover when a balloon pops. Apparently that is not normal.  That was just one of the many red  flags of someone with PTSD. The government recently started recognizing PTSD, and are developing resources for those who return home to be able to cope with the disorder. That said, many went untreated and unaware why the are forever haunted.  Or with the resources that are provided,  they are still unable to cope.  PTSD and other forms of mental and emotional issues, can lead to troubled relationships, high divorce rates, lost of jobs, loss of faith, substances abuse to try to escape the daily torture, homelessness, and suicide. 

     The 2011 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count Report revealed that the number of homeless veterans has risen in the past two years.  Today there are 909 female veterans who call the streets their home, that is a 51% increase! Sadly, among male veterans, homelessness increased by 22%. Numbers tell a story, in 2009 there were 5,939  homeless male veterans, today there are 7,221! The numbers are military members who fought from wars in the past to present, from Vietnam, Iraq, to Afghanistan Operations. The number of homeless veterans between the ages of 25-54 are most likely to had serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those who fall under that age range make up for 61.2% of our homeless veterans; the number had increased by leaps and bounds.

    We can show our support for our troops who are currently in combat and to those who are home.  If you see someone who is wearing the veterans cap, tell them thank you for serving and God Bless (I highly discourage anyone going up and start patting them on the shoulder or back, although this is a kind juster, this can  trigger of a flash back).  If you see a homeless veterans, give them the same respect. Some of our friends at the park are veterans, by serving with the ministry, you are showing them kindness and God's love. That our Lord is there at their darkest hour walking with them in their valley holding their hand along the way.

There is a wonderful program that provides treatment to our heroes called, New Directions, INC. Feel free to explore there web-site to learn more about PTSD and ways you can help!
New Directions, INC

God Bless and thank you for serving the ministry! You truly are making a impact in their lives!

To present and past military members, thank you for protecting and serving!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great Harvet Bread Company

 Matthew 7:7-8 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the doors will be opened to you. For everyone who ask receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks the door will be opened."

       The ink on the delicate pages of the bible are alive and active as the moment the scrolls were written.  The Dinner Ministry ask for a community outreach to make the dinners a success, and the ministry received an ongoing donation.  The ministry is truly blessed by the generosity of the owners of Great Harvest Bread Company of Temecula.  Every Friday it takes one simple call to the bakery, if there are any left over items, they donate them Saturday morning and are served that evening to our friends in need at the Lake Elsinore City Park.
      The owners Brad and his lovely wife Alicia, along with their two children moved to sunny wine county Temecula from the beautiful tundra of Anchorage, Alaska. One of their mission statements on their web-site is, "and give generously to others".  Today our friends will enjoy the tasty fluffy treat of three loafs of cinnamon burst, five loafs of jalapeno cheddar sourdough, and two loafs of cinnamon monkey bread.  Our ministry can vouch that the bakery stays true to their mission statement! 
      Our dear friends at the park were amazed and truly grateful of the last bread donations. With each nibble of the bread there was a smile.  It nearly broke my heart when a few of them made a sincere comment, "Wow, someone cares enough about us, to give us such fresh delicious bread".  They truly felt they were not worthy enough for gourmet bread. They are worthy! By the love of the ministry and by the grace of God, they will learn to know how worthy they are.  They were all delighted to hear that they will be able to enjoy the mouth watering breads when donations are available.
    Let's show graduated towards Great Harvest Bread Company, by generating business for the bakery. If you happen to be in town, stop by for lunch. In my personal opinion, they create award winning sandwiches. If you have an event, they carter! Fill your morning with one of their sweet breads, hot coffee, and relaxing atmosphere. When you walk in the threshold of the bakery the aroma awakens your taste buds, and the employees greet as if you just walked into your friends kitchen.  They are located in the shopping center on the corner of Rancho California Road and Meadows Parkway.
     Thank you for serving with the ministry! By opening your hearts and kitchens you are showing those who are enduring hard times and trials of life, the grace of God through kindness and love. The ministry would not be possible with out all of you!  He has given the ministry the tools it needs to show His glory.

   Today's donations have filled our home with the smell of sweet tasty bread.  My little monkeys and I are off to Great Harvest to enjoy a hot fresh from the oven treat!