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Lake Elsinore, CA
Every Saturday evening at 5pm, the Life Groups at Venture Christian Church show praise for our Lord and Christ our Savior, by serving a fulfilling dinner and sharing God's everlasting love. By spreading the word of the Gospels to God's children, we are blessed to plant seeds of faith! Join our email list by entering your email address above for current up-to-date information regarding the Dinner Ministry. This is a non-profit Ministry. To help serve with the ministry, please email

Attention Life Groups:

Attention Life Groups:

The Dinner Ministry kit should be returned to Venture Church each Sunday.

Life groups are encourage to take this opportunity to spread God's word by either a mini sermon, sharing their testimony, or by worship music. This is a wonderful way as Christians to praise His glory and show His love to others!

It is important to take certain precautions to help prevent the spreading of germs. Always serve the meals on a fresh a clean plate, even if our friends bring you their plate for refills. This will ensure the food is not contaminated by the serving utensils touching used plates. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer, please place the bottle near the drink jugs for our friends to use. If coffee is being served, please have our friends use stir straws instead of spoons. When serving, those who are handling the food are required to wear serving gloves. Another safe step is have those serving bring the plates to those eating, this also gives them the feeling of respect.

If your Life Group is unable to serve the committed weekend, please give the ministry 72 hours notice to find a replacement team, Thank you!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The children are walking in the footsteps of Jesus!

   Adventure Island Christian Preschool has started collecting donations for our family at the park! The collection started on Monday and will last until November 17th. Part of the donations will be used for our Christmas Eve event to provided stocking stuffers for our park family. Miss Trudy has offered to purchase stockings to hand out to spread love to our sisters and brothers at the park. In just three days the children have collected:

3 Toothbrushes                                                36 Mini toothpaste tubes
3 Full women's hygiene kits                             3 Regular sizes toothpaste tubes
3 Full men's hygiene kits
12 Travel mini soaps
10 Mini conditioners
11 Mini Shampoos

Great job Kiddo's!

 Most importantly the children are learning to let Jesus' light shine in their actions of giving to others!
The Dinner Ministry would like to give a warm, "Thank You" praise to Adventure Island Christian Preschool for holding the collection and caring for our park family! 

PS: If you are researching preschools for your little ones, I highly recommend Adventure Island!

Up-Date: Today's pick-up contained the following:

1 Personal size Kleenex  
2 Tooth Brushes
2 Tooth Paste
3 Deodorants
8 Tubes of Hand Lotion
Great Job Adventure Island Preschool!

Monday  14  pick-up contained the following:
2 packs of cotton swabs
1 (3) pack of razors
1 Eyeshadow
1 Tube of Toothpaste
1 can of Shaving Cream
1 Bag of Cotton Bal
ls1 (5) pack of Toothbrushes!

Nov. 16th pick-up contained:
4 stockings
4 Tubes of toothpaste
12 Toothbrushes
Way to go little ones!
Plus, the Fox family donated 128 Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars!
Thank you for all the donations!